Speaking to parents and grandparents everywhere, we believe very deeply that the backyard is our very own personal “great outdoors”, where parents and people of our own generation have had wonderful times playing on ever-evolving playsets. We were creating memories and relationships that could last a lifetime with old metal and lead paint carnival-style rides including things such as Carousels, Swings, Glide Rides, Monkey Bars, Slides, and numerous other creative elements.

There are few more universally held beliefs than the one of children being able to play in close proximity to the family safely, thus maintaining the freedom to experience imaginative activities. Being able to do this with siblings and playmates avoiding potential dangers that exist outside the backyard is extremely valuable to the family unit. We build Backyard Legacy Playsets out of devotion to these values and promote a lifestyle centered on the health and happiness of the family’s foundation. We continue to succeed because thousands of families share this mindset. The old sets have given way to custom designed playsets hand built by experienced Craftsmen with modern and environmentally friendly materials which help to ensure that your children will leave behind the same kind of memorable backyard legacy as their parents before them. This is why we chose the name ‘Backyard Legacy’ for our line of premium quality outdoor playsets.

We are a group of craftsmen with a combined 24-years of experience that have built over 1000 playsets create our various models of forts, ships, and multi-component sets from premium levels of lumber not available at retail to the public. Our sets are equipped with accessories such as rope nets, slides, swings, climbing walls, and even Ninja style obstacles on special models.

Let’s talk about how you’ll be helping to create a legacy for your children when you choose to purchase a Backyard Legacy Playset. A legacy is defined as a lasting gift meant to enhance and elevate the life of future generations to come. By investing in a quality-crafted wooden playset for your children and grandchildren to enjoy, you’ll be laying the foundation for their outdoor legacy to begin. Studies like the one mentioned below talk about how the physiological and biological benefits of outdoor play could positively impact your Child’s future both physically and mentally.




There is strong research to support the connection between positive childhood brain development and having the opportunity to participate in recess during the school day.

This is evident in the way children develop and sharpen their motor skills, dexterity, and balance through outdoor exploration on the playground.

Our Playsets are made available for public purchase through our network of dealers as well as our website. The Playsets we build are professionally set-up and delivered by highly-trained employees that are equally vested in the success of our company’s most prominent goal, pleasing the most important customers. The kids!

In conclusion, we have a message to all the children out there. “We have a wonderful way for you to have the best of times while experiencing the most fun challenges imaginable!”